Disinfect Your Outdoor Touch Points Against COVID-19

NeutraFect™ is a cost effective hospital grade disinfectant and cleaner that is approved by the EPA for use against over sixty organisms including SARS-CoV-2 the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.

NeutraFect™ features a lemon scent and twelve month in-use shelf life.  NeutraFect™ is a concentrate that when mixed with water costs less than $4.00 per ready to use gallon of disinfectant.

SynaTek® Solutions has worked with experts in disinfection to develop Best Management Practices for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting outdoor touch points such as golf carts, playground equipment and railings.  Click here to learn more and access resources.

EPA REG NO. 10324-154
Active Ingredient Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride,
Alyl dimethyl bezyl ammonium chloride
Formulation Liquid Concentrate
Package Size ½ gallon (64 Oz.)
1 gallon (128 Oz.)

Application Programs

NeutraFect™ should be mixed with water at a rate of 2 ounces of NeutraFect™ per gallon (128 Oz.) of water.  The disinfectant needs to remain wet for ten minutes.  Please refer to the label for further